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  • While it's nice to think that everyone should bear responsibility for this crisis, only governments have the power to effect meaningful change, and therefore bear the most responsibility. Yes, people can change lightbulbs, add insulation and make other meaningful changes, and businesses can try to be as green as possible, but the reality is that we live in a capitalist world and that means that combatting climate change must make economic sense, and the biggest single source of CO2 is coal used for electricity production. Only government can do anything to rapidly (i.e., over 20-30 years) change this. Changing energy sources of energy isn't extremely difficult. We've done it before, when it was done either for convenience or economy. Most of you are probably aware that most homes were heated using coal before WWII, and earlier in our history wood was used. Now almost no one uses coal or wood at home. That conversion away from coal was done because of government stimulation of the electric and oil business. (The conversion from wood to coal took over 100 years - we can't take that long to change now.) Think the Rural Electrification Administration, the TVA, and oil subsidies. Government stimulated, and the result was a cleaner, more pleasant way to heat homes and a very robust economy. The task is no different now, and the results would be even better, except the vested interests are fighting to keep their coal and oil profits.
  • ISIS, ISIL or just Islamic State; this group has called itself all three. They won't be around long enough to get a seat at the UN where knowing the proper name matters. Republican Congressmen should be ashamed of themselves. Politics used to stop at the waters' edge. If they want things done differently they should go to the President privately and present a unified position to foreigners. Instead they snipe at him for political advantage at every opportunity, not really adding anything useful to the discussion. I would be interested in hearing from those people who feel war is not the answer, as to how to deal with this problem. I don't like the idea of bombing them either, but I have no idea what else there is to do to get them to act in a civilized manner and stop decapitating people, committing genocide, or stop selling women into slavery, just to mention three of their many outrageous acts. Statements like, "war is never the answer," sound nice but a obviously not true. War is horrible, but sometimes it is the only choice we have left that can get something to stop when everything non-violent has failed. It worries me that we went from a "war weary" country to one where a majority want us to bomb this group out of existence in such a short time, and all it took was the deaths of two journalists who had been kidnapped many months ago to be executed. Would the media have whipped us back into a war frenzy if this had been the deaths of two aid workers, or am I being extra cynical?
  • Occaperson, anyone who studies logic learns the very first day that name calling has no place in any type of political discussion. Before one goes off and starts calling other people things like a "blithering idiot," he should learn to spell even simple simple words like "obey." Before criticizing a President for taking vacations and playing golf, he should learn that Obama takes less than half the vacation days of other Presidents, including Reagan and both Bushes, and plays golf a heck of a lot less than W. did. Remember Bush ignoring that PDB which warned of 9/11? Try watching something other than FOX. Exactly what laws do you think Obama hasn't enforced? FOX screams, "Impeach!" but is rather short on facts. By any measure, Obama has done a far better job than W. Deficit shrinking each and every budget he's introduced. Steady job growth for 5 years. Stock market has doubled. Auto industry saved. Bush missed 9/11, started 2 wars, and crashed the economy. That's an idiot!
  • Thanks President Bush for taking out Hussain. And now what do we do? You can't destroy the core of a countries government and just walk away. Any fool with enough power can do that. Now look what we have. This is just plain crazy. We've got so many issues here in our country and they aren't pretty. We can't put our people to work making decent pay, no medical, unless your a congressmen or senator. Homeless every where, unless you live in a gated community. Demo's and Republicans at each others throat's, while Rome burns. And now we want to go after some nutty radicals that the middle east should deal with, We need jobs and we need them @#$%king NOW. And don't give me this Macdonalds, Walmart, or any service related jobs as the answer to unemployment. They don't pay and we the tax's payers pay for them to get assistance because they don't make enough money for food and everyday living expenses in this country. If we don't give low cost education to working families, the talent pool will dry up and we will depend on foreign countries to take up the slack and consume more of our meaningful jobs. When's the last time you heard of apprenticeships being offer, who can afford to go to school and learn engineering, become a doctor, hell just learn how to do critical thinking is going by the wayside because people who can can't because they are just scraping by to live. Heck we can't even build a bridge without Chinese help, and the damn thing is falling apart because the material came from a communist country that could give a rat's behind about quality control. The bottom line here is we need to stay out of war's, they are sucking us dry. I'm with Ktg. I'd hate to be in government and try to do the right think for it's people. I'd probably punch someone who sucks off the system and acts like they are doing us a favor by shutting the government just because they didn't get their way. What about our way! The American people. Man, who works for whom? I give up. I'm just spouting off. The cancer that is in the middle east was caused by us. We released the dogs of war and now we are reaping the profits.