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  • There is clearly enough evidence to suspect that a crime might have happened. That's all that's required for an indictment. Even of only one witness said that Michael Brown's hands were raised, that would be enough for an indictment. Then a trial should come to see if in fact he really did anything wrong and should he be punished. Police are given great latitude in the use of lethal force, but they are not granted a license to kill without having their actions reviewed to make sure that they act appropriately. No one should be opposed to an indictment of the officer. It only means that there will be a fair judgement of his actions. A black person is shot almost every day in this country, and about half of them are completely unarmed. An unarmed person killed roughly every other day, year in and year out! That so many unarmed blacks are killed by police each and every year means that we have a societal problem. I am in awe of the restraint that the black community has shown over the years while tolerating this senseless killing. This MUST stop! People can only take so much.
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    Stan Fredette
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    No I think that there is a lack of education and family values that have led to the incarceration of minorities. With this combination there is no question this would happen. I see no laws that are written just to center on minorities.